Teach online and grow your business


Create paid online courses to grow your business

Build your institute's digital content library

Create free online courses to promote your brand

Create private online courses for existing students

Many more features

Save time, money and effort. Go digital.


Ylurn keeps your data private and confidential. We never share your data with any third party vendor or other institutes.


At Ylurn, security is paramount. We ensure that all our systems and services are up to the highest industry standards.

Robust and Scalable

All Ylurn products are designed with scalability in mind. This ensures that our services run smoothly for thousands of students.

Course Features

File/video-lecture upload, online tests and analysis, chat and discussion,  feedback forms, student leaderboard etc.



Simple usage based pricing. No upfront charges. Pay only for what you use.

Volume discounts

Higher discounts of upto 80% as your usage grows so that you always get a fair price.

Commited-use discounts

Talk to our sales team for access to deeper discounts when you commit to usage.